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Mineral Salt Shake

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Mineral Salt Shake

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Mineral Salt Shake by Mermaid Flannel

Mineral salts are a great post-workout recovery ritual. Use 1/2 amount for a relaxing bath or the full amount for therapy soak.

Lavender Sleep: Therapeutic and restoring, these Dead Sea and mineral sea salts are full of natural minerals and aromatic lavender essential oil to help relax muscles, restore energy levels and ease a busy mind.  Scented with lavender and calendula essential oils, these salts will put you in a restful state for a good night's rest.

Detox: The most therapeutic bath salt to help remove impurities and detoxify the skin. A blend of sea salt, kelp, green tea, and aloe vera with lavender and rosemary essential oils to relax your muscles and ease a busy mind.

Zen: Therapeutic and restoring with a light musk and amber scent, these foaming sea salts are full of natural minerals, beneficial for relaxing muscles and easing a busy mind.

Muscle Soak: Pure Dead Sea and Epsom Salt blend scented with eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils--the perfect blend to soothe aching muscles, relieve tension and clear the mind.

Bubble Fun: These pink foaming bath salts will bring out the kid in all who enjoy them! The sweet and fruity scent of bubblegum creates instant bath time fun!

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