Kinder World Tee - Navy


Kinder World Tee - Navy

Kinder World Tee - Navy


Can you ✨imagine✨a world where kindness prevails and is extended to every body and everybody? We believe it’s possible…and it starts with ourselves. Take the first step in creating a kinder world by speaking it out loud with this classic Comfort Colors navy tee and eye-popping design! Like previous REFIT tees, it features the reliable, 100% ring-spun cotton you can wear all year long.

Script reads: "Kinder to my body. Kinder to your body. Kinder to every body. Kinder to myself. Kinder to you. Kinder to everybody."

REFIT TIP: Fits like “WE/ME” ivory tee.  Unisex, runs true to size.

Material: 100% ring spun cotton, garment-dyed Comfort Colors tee

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