Can’t choose which workout to attend? You don’t have to! Bundle both tickets and SAVE BIG!

WE ARE THE REFIT CHAMPIONS: A 90-minute workout that will make you wanna GO BIG and never go home! It’s the ultimate POWER HOUR (and a half) filled with an insane amount of REFIT spirit!

Bring your game face and dress in your best sweatsuit-n-sweatband themed outfit that screams, “WE ARE THE REFIT CHAMPIONS…OF THE WORLD!”

Here's what others had to say about the SWEATSUITS + SWEATBANDS experience:
"Songs and choreography were HOT! I was so dang pumped the entire time!!"
"I loved this live class the best!!!! The powerful songs were amazing and loved the choreo!!!!!"

REFIT X ROLLER DISCO: Have you checked your temperature because it looks like you have SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!

Here’s the cure – Grab your roller skates and follow the call of the disco ball with the sights and sounds of the 70s and 80s, and we want to see every Dancing Queen and Disco King getting down on the dance floor! Make it an official disco party and dress head to toe in full disco attire!

Here's what others had to say about the REFIT X ROLLER DISCO experience:
"Loved this class and all the music took me back!"
"THE ABSOLUTE MOST FUN CLASS EVER!! The music, choreo, costumes, fun visors, atmosphere, lights, video…  I found myself smiling the entire time!!"

Both originally filmed July 25th & 26th, you can now experience these workouts ON DEMAND from the comfort of your own living room! The workouts can be played on your smart TV, laptop or mobile device, and you’ll have 48-hour access.

• workout will be available for 48 hours after purchase
• a private link will be emailed to you after purchase

*This item is NOT available for discounts

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