RECON21 Happy Camper Souvenir Box


RECON21 Happy Camper Souvenir Box


The Happy Camper Souvenir box is filled with curated and customized items—perfect for all RECON21 Demand campers.  The box is filled with limited-edition keepsakes that will fill campers' hearts with joy. ADD ON your Happy Camper Box today!

•   Souvenir boxes are ONLY available to RECON Demand participants.

•   Shipping will be added at checkout.
•   All Sales are Final; Souvenir Boxes are not eligible for refund or exchange.
•   Discount codes may not be used for purchase of a Souvenir Box.

•   Shipping is higher than usual, as there are heavier items in the box!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  **THE SOUVENIR BOX WILL NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO RECON!**  We want to ensure your boxes are loaded with all kinds of amazingness, and some of those items will not arrive in enough time for us to get your box to you before the event.  BUT waiting for your Souvenir Box will just stretch out the RECON Experience even longer!!

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