Totally Awesome 80s Aerobics - WACO EVENT


Totally Awesome 80s Aerobics - WACO EVENT


Headbands, legwarmers, and leotards -- what do these 3 things have in common?  

THEY’RE ALL AWESOME (and so are you!)

If you love awesome things, then you’ll love REFIT’s TOTALLY AWESOME 80’s WORKOUT -- because what could be better than the electrifying music of the 80’s plus aerobics-inspired outfits and moves??

You’ll be DANCING ON THE CEILING Thursday, October 29th at 7pm at the REFIT Studio.  You’ll also have 48-hour virtual access to the workout once the live event has ended.

We’re going ALL OUT for this event, and we can’t wait to see your 80’s inspired outfits -- you fer sure don’t want to miss it!  Tickets are available NOW -- don’t be lame, hurry and save your spot!


Totally Awesome Location:
REFIT Studio
1522 Washington Ave

Waco, TX 76701


• event will be available virtually for 48 hours after the live broadcast
• a private link will be emailed to you AFTER the event for virtual access
• you will receive a purchase confirmation email that verifies your spot at the studio is secure!