Feels Like Home Candle


Feels Like Home Candle

Feels Like Home Candle



When you walk into a REFIT® class, you know you belong, you are loved, you are HOME! Our BRAND NEW “Feels Like Home” candle is an olfactory expression of this sense of welcome and belonging -- like a big hug from a dear old friend. We’ve never before offered a candle to our tribe, and you’ve NEVER smelled something so deliciously homey.  

It all began when Angela and Catherine, traveling far from home for REFIT, found a candle burning in their hotel lobby that smelled so enticing, so warm, so grounding, that they moved heaven and earth to track the candle to its source. A few months later, “Feels Like Home,” our first-ever REFIT candle, was born. 

“Feels Like Home” is hand-poured and minimalist, featuring a sleek glass container in black and white. Offering notes of soft citrus, lemon blossom, light spice (think a tiny touch of cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla), and base notes of cedar and clean cotton, this candle envelopes your senses with calm and comfort. Just a few minutes of burn time will infuse your home, hotel room, office, or workout space with an aura of belonging and acceptance. 

Home looks different to all of us, but it’s always where the heart is. Wherever there is love, it feels like home.

Treat yourself or send some love to a friend today by purchasing a “Feels Like Home” candle while our limited supply lasts!

Candle Deets:

--9 oz. high-quality soy blend candle, consisting of paraffin, vegetable oil, and fragrance oils
--100% cotton wick
--Approximately 80 hrs of burn time
--Made in the USA 


Please note: Due to the high quality of this candle, the shipping price may be higher than expected.

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