ACE Shoutout


ACE Shoutout


Here’s your chance to send a personalized video message from REFIT founders Angela, Catherine, and Emily to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, accomplishment, or other special milestone! Customize your message to a loved one, and let ACE do the talking!

For a small donation of $10 - $50, each video shoutout from ACE helps pay it forward, and you can choose your level of donation!

Donation Options

  • --Donate $10 for a REFIT On Demand Scholarship. Your gift will provide a free membership to someone in need.
  • --Donate $25 to our Light of Hope Scholarship. Your gift will help make someone’s dream of becoming a REFIT® Instructor come true!
  • --Donate $50 to the RECON Scholarship. Your gift will help send a certified REFIT Instructor to our annual instructor convention.  This convention provides continuing education and development to help grow their instructor skills.

PLEASE NOTE: While REFIT HQ will make every effort to complete all requested shoutouts in a timely manner, if we are unable to complete your request in your desired timeframe, you will be notified and refunded.

If you are currently unable to contribute to a REFIT scholarship fund for your shout-out, please email to discuss alternate options.

Donations to REFIT are NOT tax-deductible.

Upon payment of your chosen scholarship level, you will receive an email from REFIT with the info needed to submit all the request details for your shoutout.

*This item is NOT part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

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