About Us

The REFIT® experience encompasses four things:

Community. People. Fitness. Culture.

The purpose of REFIT is to bridge these concepts in a way that creates connections and impacts people from the inside out.   REFIT ® is a values-infused program that uses dance fitness to fulfill this purpose. Through careful selection of choreography and music, participants will immediately become part of the revolutionary experience known as REFIT.

We are creative thinkers and dreamers, and you'll discover our products reflect our thoughts and dreams.  Because we embrace the changing scenery of culture, you'll see limited quantities and styles in our store.  We aren't trying to frustrate you with our limited products; just keep you entertained!

The items in this store are for everyone.  REFIT-ters or not.....we love the versatility of our products, and it's an added bonus that you guys become walking billboards for REFIT!

We are a for-profit business dedicated to using our profit to positively impact society through community, people, fitness and culture.  Oh, yes.  We also pay taxes and bills.

We welcome you to take a look around and cast your eyes on some pretty products.  And, if you're so inclined, purchase something.  We're ever thankful for your support, and humbled by your belief in us.

Choose To Change Your Impact,

Angela Beeler, Catherine Ballas & Emily Field

Founders, REFIT® Revolution

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