REFIT® Store

Welcome to the REFIT® Store.  Guess what?  You can buy stuff here.

Tanks, tees, DVD's, live events, trainings and more....all in the REFIT® Store.  Here's what we have in store for you:



Let's face's all about the SWAG.  And where swag is concerned, we got you covered.   

Our clothing line is a versatile collection that reflects daily living.  From fitness class to the office, the REFIT® gear is intended to be functional and fun.  Classy, not trashy.  Comfy, not constricting.  We want to show you off, without showing too much!

Grab what you can because sizes, styles and colors are available on a first come/first serve basis...see some swag that you like?  Better get it now because when it's's outta here.

REFIT® loves creating new gear that reflects the current culture, and so we have an evolving product line.  Rarely will you see design repeats, but we do guarantee that you'll always see something fresh and revolutionary.

Our products are designed with love and inspiration, and we hope you'll rock the REFIT® swag with confidence.


Let's Get REFIT!  You can attend one of our Fitness Events in several areas across the US.  It's time to get off the living room floor....and hustle on to the dance floor by attending a LIVE REFIT Event! 

And when you've experienced the exhilarating energy in person, maybe you'll consider joining the REFIT Team as a REFIT® FACILITATOR or REFIT® INSTRUCTOR. 

YOU can lead your own classes in your area and bring the revolution to your community.  We have several training locations available, so check out what's close to you, gas up your car and GET REFIT.


Start your own Revolution.

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