Scholarship Fund Donation


Scholarship Fund Donation



We have several scholarship opportunities that help support current and future instructors, as well as provide REFIT® ON DEMAND memberships to those who cannot afford it.

A brief description of each fund is below.  You can choose any donation amount listed, and also combine multiple levels to create the donation value of your choice (ex. you can put two $75 donations in your cart to make $150)

Donation Options

  • --REFIT On Demand Scholarship. Your gift will provide a free membership to someone in need.  A REFIT On Demand membership costs $10 per month.
  • --Light of Hope Scholarship. Your gift will help make someone’s dream of becoming a REFIT® Instructor come true.  A full-priced REFIT Instructor Training costs $269.
  • --RECON Scholarship. Your gift will help send a certified REFIT Instructor to our annual instructor convention.  This convention provides continuing education and development to help grow their instructor skills.  An average RECON registration costs $400.

Donations made to REFIT are NOT tax-deductible.

Looking for a way to donate directly to REFIT?  Give us a "High Five" here.

Wanting a Shout Out from ACE along with your donation?  Click here.

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